Keeping The Waters Universally Clean

The relationship between the ecosystem and the people are evident in the way the water system works. Clean, unpolluted water is the most crucial factor in building ecosystems worldwide, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Water is indeed a precious resource.


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A 3-Step Guide To Saving The World’s Water Resource

Imagine the world as the size of your grade school classroom, and in that classroom is a tiny pebble. This tiny pebble is larger than the total available fresh water in the world, which is about 0.4%. This is the only portion of the water that is not underground or barred by glaciers. This tiny pebble is what all of us are surviving and thriving on.


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5 Simple Ways You Can Do To Save The Ocean

The world is 70% water, and it is undoubtedly vital to all things that breathe. The lakes, rivers, oceans and all bodies of water sustain life. There are about 230,000 recognized marine life species, and sadly, they are living in threat because of humanity. Continue reading “5 Simple Ways You Can Do To Save The Ocean”