5 Tips On How To Swim Safely In The Sea

Bodies of water surround us, and one of our favorites is the sea. It is where we go during the summer where we flaunt our colorful swimwear. The sensation of the sand on our feet is like the touch of nature which invigorates our tired body. Who wouldn’t love the sound of the wind and the waves? The smell of the breeze is like no other, and it is the only place where it is okay to go under the heat of the sun. However, swimming in any body of water can be dangerous especially when done without caution.

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5 Tips On How To Swim Safely:

Wear A Swimwear

Wearing a swimwear is more than just flaunting and fashion, it is gaining comfort and flexibility when in the water. It would give us more freedom to swim better and prevent us from worrying about our shirt or shorts bubbling. Wearing a fitted swimwear prevents the sand from going inside and cause a rash.


Don’t Drink Alcohol When Swimming

If drinking is dangerous while driving, the more it is when swimming. Alcohol can get us intoxicated causing us to lose focus. It slows down all our functions that’s why it is extremely life-threatening especially when we are swimming in huge waves. It is hard enough when we are normal, how much more when we are slowed down by alcohol?


Be Cautious Of Rip Currents

Rip currents can sweep swimmers out to the sea. It is very dangerous as it is like suction or vacuum strong enough to leave us helpless when we get caught in one. Often, people drown in rip currents because they panic. They struggle to get out which causes them exhaustion. However, rip currents are narrow. Don’t go against the direction where it’s leading you. Instead, swim parallel getting out of its area, and after you escape, you can swim back to shore.

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Don’t Go To The Rescue

As much as we want to help someone who is drowning, sometimes, it will only endanger both your lives. The sea is massive to assume that we know our way around it. The wisest thing to do when we see someone struggling in the water is to call the lifeguard. Playing hero is extremely risky as it could cost your life and the person drowning. Also, if you get in trouble rescuing someone, the lifeguard has two lives to save.


Don’t Go Far Away From The Shore

Sometimes, people are tempted to go far out the sea, but even a good swimmer can be taken out and drown. Don’t go where you cannot touch the sand with your feet as it obviously is a sign that it is deep enough for you to swim. Even if you have an inflatable, it is still not safe as it may cause you to be dragged out into the open sea. The safest area to swim is where the water is until the waist or chest.

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The water is not our territory, and the best thing we can do is to respect it. When swimming in the sea, lakes, rivers, waterfalls, or other bodies of water, it is critical to do it with precaution as we could lose our lives in just a slight movement of the water.

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