After Traveling Across The Ocean: 10 Ways To Deal With Post Cruise Depression



Going on a cruise may be one of the things that all of us would want if we have the money and time. Imagine traveling all across the vast oceans in a gigantic luxury ship, eating international cuisine, having to sleep in a fancy suite, and sipping a cup of coffee while watching the sun dip in the endless waters.

There is an American woman named Mama Lee Wachtstetter, a widow who sold her five-bedroom Fort Lauderdale home on a 10-acre land. She is now 90 years old, living an extraordinary life on board the Crystal Serenity for nine years, and according to her, she doesn’t go ashore anymore. The hard thing about cruising for a while is debarkation.

It is difficult to leave something that has contributed so much to your happiness, and if you are not Mama Lee, that could certainly be a problem. There is a possibility of developing a post cruise depression or what is also called the cruise fever. Learn more about this condition through


“Depression is exhausting to the person suffering from it. Just accomplishing the bare minimum can seem like too much work.” –Kurt Smith, Psy.D., LMFT, LPCC, AFC

10 Ways To Deal With Post Cruise Depression:

  1. Stay In A Hotel After A Cruise

Don’t go straight home after a cruise. You can book a two-night stay in a hotel where you will be spending time in an environment similar to that of a cruise ship.

  1. Relive Your Cruise Moments

Follow your cruise ship routine by cooking the same dishes you were eating on board. You can also arrange your bedroom similar to your cruise ship suite.

  1. Fix Up Your Home With Cruise Furnishings

Cruise lines sell their furnishings, and you can take advantage of this chance to continue experiencing the feeling. You can buy pillows, blankets, sheet sets, and more.

  1. Browse Through Blogs And Forums Or Magazines About Cruising

There are several blogs and forums related to cruising. Take your time and browse through them so that you wouldn’t miss your last cruise that much. If you prefer to be conventional, there are also magazines about cruise ships that you can keep on your bedside table.

  1. Listen To Music That Resonates The Mood In A Cruise

“Listening to music is a helpful way to cope with and process emotions. It can evoke a connection to what individuals feel at different moments in their lives.”  says Abigail Saneholtz, Psy.D. There are tons of music available online, and you can access them whenever you feel like escaping the blues. You can play the music aloud while you do your daily routine. It will slowly incorporate your cruise life with your real life to lessen your longing.

  1. Get In Touch With People You Met On The Cruise

If they don’t live too far, you can set up a date where you can spend time doing things you usually do on the ship (this might be difficult as they have all the amenities on a cruise ship to avoid missing out on the real world.) Maybe you can try going to the beach or go biking. Or at least connect and talk with people. Exchange some stories with strangers and things like that.

  1. Make Some Drinks Or Cocktails

Drinks and cocktails are something you don’t usually have at home which can make you miss your last cruise. You can go to drink recipe websites and try making the drinks they serve on a cruise ship.

  1. Watch Movies Or Shows About Cruising

There are TV shows or movies that tell stories about cruise ships like the Love Boat. It could somehow bring you back, and at the same time, make you feel good or maybe even fall in love. Birgit Wolz, PhD., MFT also adds that “Cinema therapy can be a powerful catalyst for healing and growth for anybody who is open to learning how movies affect us and to watching certain films with conscious awareness.”


  1. See The Sail Aways

People who love to cruise have a way to watch the ship until they sail away. It is possible using webcams where the operator focuses and shows excellent views of the ship and the surroundings before it finally leaves port.

  1. Book A Cruise

If it is convenient for you, book another cruise! There is no other way to deal with the longing than to board another cruise.

Not everyone has the opportunity to cruise. Some may dream of it their whole life and wait if fate is kind to allow them to set foot on it. Among the billions of people, only a few have a story to tell, and some of these people may consider a cruise ship to be their home. It is likely to develop a post cruise depression since it is one of those once in a lifetime moments that will surely forever linger. Seeking professional help may also be beneficial when you get the cruise fever. Remember, in an unknown adventure where everything is uncertain, you need to stay emotionally and mentally fit.

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