What Lurks Underneath Silent Freshwaters



We have watched movies about the great freshwaters and what lurks underneath. One of them was Anaconda which showed lakes to be home to gigantic snakes with the size of a bus. There was also Lake Placid which showed giant crocodiles inhabiting remote waters, but do we need really need to fear the silent freshwaters? Do we need to be afraid of what lurks underneath?

There are instances where people sighted weird and scary creatures swimming above great lakes. No one has confirmed what they are, and people nowadays are too busy to care. Who needs to know when we are miles away whatever happens?

Canada has many great lakes home to a variety of sea creatures. The waters are so vast that people don’t mind what’s swimming underneath. With the scenic view surrounding the lakes and the influence on the people’s lifestyle, no one would negatively question what lives underneath.

There are many stories which tell of great, unbelievable account about freshwater creatures that may be inhabiting the great lakes around the world, particularly Canada. Some of them may be true to those who have witnessed them personally, but to some, they may up to now remain a story.

Weird Creatures Found On Lakes:

  1. Canadian Lizard Man

It was in 1972 in Thetis Lake, British Columbia when there was a report of a weird lake creature sighting by two teenagers. They said that a five-foot humanoid reptilian with a sizeable spiked head was coming after them. The “monster” attacked them, and one of the boys had an injury on his hand.

  1. Nessie-Type Creature

There was always a report of weird sightings in Raystown Lake in Pennsylvania. It happened more than once making it more convincing. They said it is a massive creature with a small head and a long neck.

  1. The Beast Of Busco

It was in Fulk Lake, Indiana where there was a 500-pound snapping turtle sighting. It happened in 1898 and then 1948. People are not sure whether it was the same turtle, but given they could live a hundred years, it is possible. Because of the curiosity, there were attempts to capture a photo of the said beast, but none was successful.

  1. Pond Devil

The Pond Devil or the “Woodum Haoot” is a long eel-like creature swimming in Crescent Lake, New Foundland.  First, it was around the 1950s when two men were trying to recover a boat and saw it spun around and went underwater. Then it was around the 1980s when large eels attacked two divers who were attempting to find a body of a pilot.

  1. Champ

The sighting of one of the most famous lake monster was in Lake Champlain, New York, Vermont, and Quebec. It happened hundreds of times already, and people believe of its existence. Experts say it possible that this creature was from the glacial age when there was easy access from the Atlantic Ocean. There is a New York and Vermont law which protects the existence of this creature.

Whether these creatures are real or not, what’s important is that we show respect to the possibility that they may indeed exist. Given if they do live underneath, they haven’t done anything aggressive to harm those who are inhabiting the surface, which is enough reason to let them be.

It is not impossible that the Canadian lizard man, the Beast of Busco, the Pond Devil, or the Champ is real given that the world we live in is 70 percent water. The possibilities are limitless. We don’t have to do anything but to understand that as co-inhabitants of this world, we need to take part in protecting every part of it. We need to provide a safe environment for the weirdest to the most common or the largest to the tiniest creature in the waters.

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