5 Simple Ways You Can Do To Save The Ocean

The world is 70% water, and it is undoubtedly vital to all things that breathe. The lakes, rivers, oceans and all bodies of water sustain life. There are about 230,000 recognized marine life species, and sadly, they are living in threat because of humanity.

Humans get food from the ocean, and we are consuming fish quicker than they can reproduce, so our necessity is affecting the marine population. We are also aware that our wastes are polluting not just the land we live in, but of course, the water.

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Plastic is rapidly crowding the ocean, and as per the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, by 2050, there will be more of it than fish by sea weight. Imagine how different life will be for the next generation, and tragically, it will be the life we will pass on to our grandkids. Some of us may even be alive to witness how humanity has treated the planet we inhabit.

Some of us may think that we would not make a difference even if we start to take care of the ocean. For about 7.6 billion world population, why would the action of one person matter?

5 Simple Ways To Save The Ocean:

  1. Be Responsible In Consuming Seafood.

The fishes in the ocean serve as food, and people from all over the world have invented a variety of ways to consume them. They have made eating seafood sensational that the population of fisheries is facing danger. People should be responsible when fishing and the government should prohibit the use of dangerous methods such as dynamite fishing. People should also identify the season when a particular group of fish reproduces, so they would know when to catch them safely.

  1. Avoid Throwing Trash In The Ocean.
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People have been enjoying the beach, but sadly, most of them do not mind leaving their trash behind. These wastes, especially plastics, pollute the water and have been killing the marine life. We should be responsible for handling our trash by bringing and throwing them in the designated area. We should also promote alternatives to plastic. Some ingenious people have come up with edible plates and utensils to replace the plastic we use. Some are using bamboo straws instead of the old ones to slowly reduce the use of materials that threaten the ocean.

  1. Conserve Energy.

The innovation of humanity’s lifestyle has caused a tremendous threat to other living things, marine life especially. Our production of carbon dioxide from industrial plants, cars, and appliances we use, and other things that consume energy has led to the high acidity of the ocean. Calcium carbonate is an essential mineral in making the skeletons of corals and shells, and we all know that these serve as home to the marine life.

  1. Promote Organic Products.

As much as possible, we should eliminate using chemicals in our daily lives. They are present in our home products such as pesticides, cleaners, and air fresheners. We could help by promoting the use of organic products, and luckily, many agencies have come up with some alternatives. People are beginning to embrace the use of safe and environment-friendly products.

  1. Share Awareness.

Many of us are aware of the danger our oceans are facing, but there are still some people who do not understand the gravity of the problem. They should realize that the risks we are causing are life threatening not only to the marine life but us. Nowadays, it is easy to have a voice because of the internet. People are relying on social media. We should use this tool to make others know the trouble we are facing.

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Protecting the ocean should be one of our top priorities. Humans are after all the most intelligent creatures, so we should know that the waters have a direct impact on our existence. We inhabit the same planet; therefore, we are all responsible for its welfare.


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